Friday, May 31, 2013


Life with three littles and a crazy house has finally caught up with me.  Doing to much is what I excel at.  Slowing down is not something I'm good at.  This last week I had to slow down.  Way down, to the point that I couldn't even pick up my kids or move my head.  Turns out ignoring the literal pain in my neck was not such a good idea.  I ended up with a herniated disk at C7, and a kind of pain I was not familiar with.  I would take natural childbirth over a herniated disk any day. Especially since I get a baby in the end. 
So I lost track of blogging once again, but with good reason, and I am back at it now.  My neck is recovering a lot faster than we thought and I'm able to pick up Rue.  Elsie is a bit tricky, due her size and tendency to thrash around wildly.  We snuggle on the sofa now.
In case your wondering I did not go to the hospital, but this was probably the closest I ever got.  Their options were Pain killers, muscle relaxers or steroids, all of which are very suspect to me, especially while nursing.  So I turned to a friend who is possibly the most ingenious massage therapist I've ever known.  Aside from his incredible fiddling skills, he knows more about the human body than anyone.  He was able to stop the pain within 2 minutes of laying on his table and is  slowly putting me back together.

Before all this neck stuff I had some posts to put up.  My favorite being our trip to the Sculpture park.
Elsie and I pulled Annie from school and took on an adventure.  Annie was very concerned that missing school was a bad idea.  Sadly her mom is a little crazy and thinks that being outdoors is equally as important as school.  The girls had a blast playing on all the works of art and Annie found a new favorite place.

 Standing in my favorite sculpture from when I was little, someone put a heart in the middle.
Annie thought the heart was just for her.

On our way back to the car Annie made a friend.  It was the perfect ending to our adventure. 



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