Saturday, May 11, 2013

Elsie's dreamworld

It started two nights ago.  Elsie woke up screaming.  There were snakes in her bed.  Trying to get her,  I run, stumbling in panic.  Snakes are a common sighting around here.  In the garden, under the front porch, slithering out of the basement, but never upstairs.  I get to her room, no snakes.  Just Annie grunting half asleep for us to shut up.  I'm looking under the bed, and everywhere I can think.  No snakes. All clear.  I take Elsie to my room so Annie can sleep.
She's back asleep in seconds, only to wake up thrashing her arms screaming.  So she woke Jon, and the baby (oh yeah we had a baby, I will fill you in on that as I get back into blogging).   Turns out Elsie was having a nightmare.  Her first.  She was convinced snakes were in my bed too.  She woke up a few more times that night.  It was exhausting.
Fast forward to today.  Elsie woke up from her nap, and she's calling "Emmy, Emmy where are you?"  I go upstairs and she's looking under the bed and in her closet for Emmy ( our neighbor).  Of course Emmy is not here, but I get a little spooked thinking she saw someone creeping in the house. So I'm looking now too.  After a minute or so I realize, " Elsie was Emmy here in your sleep?" She replied, "We play hide and seek in my sleeping."  So Elsie dreamed she was playing hide and seek with Emmy, and there are no intruders in my house.  All is safe.  I've never been privy to  a child's dreams before.



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