Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Strange day

 This morning started off with finding my neighbors dog up on their roof (seriously, see above).  Then continued with my daughter falling in love with two of the strangest foods. 

There are some things you just never think to feed your kids.  Convinced they would NEVER eat it.  Well today for dinner my daughter just devoured a plate of chicken livers with mashed potatoes and gravy.  When she asked for more "fried chicken" I thought best not to correct her, and counted my lucky stars when Texas thought better before finishing his sentence of, "actually Ann these are..."
For dessert Annie begged me for a piece of "purple bread."  The "purple bread" is purple because I made the starter with purple grapes.  I'm delving into the world of naturally yeasted bread, and today I made my first loaf from Rye and Grape starter.  The bread is dense, but incredibly yummy.  It's sour flavor goes great with apple butter, or a piece of raw goat cheese.  The best part is, no sugar, no dried yeast and the grains are soaked for 24 hours, so every piece is loaded full of 100% goodness.



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