Sunday, October 9, 2011

A day in the life...

 of my husband is no picnic.  He spent his entire weekend building our chickens a new house, and it is turning out to be pretty amazing.   I will always miss my first chicken house, but moving it was a little more difficult than could be expected.  So, it was taken apart piece by piece and Texas is using all the pieces to make a new house on our modified boat trailer we picked up from craigslist months ago. So the neighbors can rejoice that we no longer have a dilapidated trailer parked in our back yard.  And only two neighbors seemed less than pleased with the giant chicken trailer taking shape.  I keep promising it will be cute when it's done, but at this point there's not much I can do to convince them. 

 The outdoor workshop:

 The pile of pieces:

Framing starts:

   Yes that is a door sawed in half.

With the roof on and the windows in, its the perfect play house.  We had half the neighborhood in our back yard this evening after Texas put his tools away.  The girls will be sad to see the chickens moved in, but I won't.  They need to move fast.  With the days getting so short they've already stopped laying but for one lone egg every few days, and I hate buying eggs. 



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