Monday, October 3, 2011


Annie woke up extra early on the morning in question; saddled up to the computer and then asked, "it is Friday isn't it?"  The second I say yes the computer is buzzing to life and before I know it PBS kids is blasting an episode of Aurthur into my living room.   Annie slowly eats her oats while watching, glued to the screen.   I have relished our no TV during the week rule.  It has changed our home life tremendously.  Annie plays, paints, dances and sings 100% more than she did 4 months ago (when I first instituted the no TV Monday-Thursday).  Friday mornings are so exciting for her now.  She wakes up thrilled to watch an episode of TV before school.   The TV no longer stays on all day, with it's constant stream of noise.  She watches a show and then it goes off.   Annie looks forward to the time when she gets TV and is perfectly content when it's not TV time.  Sometimes I forget how our kids need us to set the boundaries for them, even in the most simple of things.



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