Friday, October 28, 2011


This is my tallow rendering set up in the backyard.  While Texas is sweating it out with the cardinals on TV I figured I could get a few things done.  So I'm rendering Tallow and hulling the black walnuts our incredibly awesome mailman/neighbor brought over.  He is the coolest mailman I have ever met, and I look forward to when he gets his first baby chicks for his yard. 
 My Walnut hulling set up
 Ripe and ready

So our back yard smells like a rotting corpse and the living room smells like "swamp mud" as Texas would put it.  Never smelled a swamp, but if it smells like decomposing walnut hulls I'll pass on any future trips to the swamp lands.  I'm glad to be getting these things done, but I really wish I was asleep right now.  Unfortunately, we all have to stay up and see who wins.  I am excited to see who wins, but it is so bad to wait until the morning to find out?



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