Sunday, September 4, 2011

We made it!

So Today marks our first full year of being married.  Just to recap, we got married, bought a house, had a baby and now live in said house with Elsie the baby, Annie the 5 year old,  Banjo the dog,  7 chickens and 8 ladders.  We have yet to fully complete one room in our rehab, but we do have several rooms at various stages of renovation.   This year brought a lot of changes for the whole family, but most of all to my incredible husband.   He took on me and Annie with every once of heart that he has.  We were not easily conquered, yet somehow he has managed to calm my soul and reign in Annie's insecurities.  Through the last year I have written down a few things he's been known to say and a couple that will never be forgotten.

Tex's most common sayings:
"don't do that"
"Why are you touching me?"

His most memorable:
" Please don't talk to me."
"I've done what I'm willing to do today."
"You're past your prime dear."
"This baby isn't very good at sitting still." (she was 6 months old)
While searching for a house, " I will never live in Maplewood." We now live in Maplewood, and we love it.
Before we were even married,"I will never wear a pink shirt." He just bought his first pink shirt last week.
 Dear Texas, WE LOVE YOU! 


cathy said...

Happy Anniversary Maddy & Jon!


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