Sunday, September 25, 2011

My little fashion bug

 How long can you hide your child from the world of skimpy inappropriate clothing?  Not long enough.  My five year old wants to dress like she's 21.   She's insisting that she should be able to wear clothes that show her belly, and tight skirts.  Wanting to wear tiny undershirts even if it's freezing outside. I blame the Bratz Ice cream, and all the other insanely inappropriate cartoon figures for girls.  Why can't Barbie dress like Ann of Green Gables?    Obviously I have very little control of what my daughter sees.   I ponder locking her in the house with no access to TV, magazines, movies, newspaper adds or internet, but then realize I could get locked up for that, so my solution...
 Encourage her to feel stylish and comfortable in clothes that cover.  We talk about what colors are "in fashion" and the art of layering.   I have her convinced that pants under skirts is the "sassy" way to dress.   Oh how I will mourn the day she realizes I am not cool.   I've started letting her pick out her outfits again and I'm glad to report they are getting better.  She's stopped putting on dresses she digs out of storage from when she was 2. 
And yes, the vest is my favorite thing she owns right now, and I make her put in on every morning hot or cold.


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