Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How my husband made me cry today...

 I am a nester.  I need pretty little spaces to focus on so the big ugly world doesn't consume all my joy.   In lies the struggle of living in a house while rehabbing it.  I know it's temporary, or at least that is what I tell myself, but most the time I feel like this house is trying to make me cry.   In an effort to overcome the yuck that is my house I fixed up the living room.  My loving husband was keeping the TV on the fireplace mantle and it finally downed on me to move it before one of two things happened, it falls on one of our kids or I smash it.    Hours of furniture moving later I ended up with what you see in the picture above.  It wasn't perfect but it felt pretty.  I could sit and not look at a TV precariously balanced on the edge of my mantle with cords draping everywhere.   Unfortunately my husband hated it.  The TV was to high for him to watch his shows.  So he did this:

Now I can't stop crying every time I look at my living room, and he can't understand why I'm upset.  Marriage is hard.


Little Maddy said...

At least the mantel still looks pretty?

Anonymous said...

Can you fit the TV inside the tall cabinet? - Charlie.


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