Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Inappropriate ice cream

I am not a big fan of ice cream trucks.  They were forbidden in my childhood.  Not because of the sugar, but because of my mothers hysterical fear of kidnappers.  So I never ate ice cream off the ice cream truck.  I remember it feeling like torture, but in the long run I'm grateful I didn't eat the ice cream.   When Annie and I were living in the city the ice cream trucks sold drugs and played the, Young Jibbs, song "does your chain hang low."  Not something I wanted my daughter partaking in.  Thankfully at the time she didn't know what an ice cream truck was and they didn't usually hit the streets till after bedtime.
Then last night I'm upstairs with the baby and I hear an ice cream truck drive by.  I'm thinking to myself I'm so glad Annie doesn't hear them and ask for ice cream.  My husband though, takes off for the truck with his little shadow following close behind.  5 minutes later Annie runs upstairs and says, "Daddy let me buy inappropriate ice cream!"   All I can think of is the drug trucks, and wondering what inappropriate ice cream is, and why my husband would let her buy it. 
I'm slightly paralyzed as Annie drags me downstairs to show me her ice cream that's in the freezer till after dinner.  She pulls out her inappropriate ice cream and I start laughing.   BRATZ doll ice cream with bubble gum eyes.  Annie's telling me how their shorts are too short and they are showing their bellies, but that daddy let her buy it anyways.  It looked disgusting, but I'm just glad it wasn't something worse.
 Funny Food Photos - Lil Bratz Ice Cream Bar 


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