Friday, July 24, 2009

dress up, yoga and sprinklers

Totally random, not planned day, but it turned out well. I called my sister to ask about Sam's birthday this morning. I wanted to know if we having a dinner or anything. The reply was no, because we're having Annie's birthday party this weekend. So OK, phone mission accomplished get out quick. Sadly I wasn't fast enough. It started with a very dangerous question "what are you doing today?" Foolishly I reply, "nothing." I was walking blindly into a trap and I didn't even realize it.
Before I knew what happened my sisters older two came over to the house. My day of nothing quickly became filled with a lot of somethings. There was Dress up, and tea parties, Sprinklers and water Yoga, foolishly irresistible brownies laced with butterscotch and movies in the hallway. It was to say the least very busy. Sadie, sat in the middle of the lawn under the sprinkler and started meditating? Where did this come from. The other two girls quickly imitate their older counterpart. The wisest munchkin in the clan. Please note the very serious level of relaxed focus this little girl is expressing.
When Sadie decided she had soaked up enough water and cosmic vibes she moved to her towel, followed again by her two shadows. Ruby tried her best to replicate Sadie's posture while my little Annie ate a barbie hair brush.
Ruby quickly got up and went to the kiddy pool after I took this shot. Sadie however continued to sit there. Only breaking her focus to start going through a series of Yoga positions. I'm guessing she picked those up from our trip to Tower Grove park last Saturday. We watched the circle of people doing Yoga for probably 15 minutes. Who knew she was really paying that much attention.
We finally dried off and ate lunch. The girls surprisingly still had energy left, so they played dress up. It got a little rough fighting over a cellophane center piece they found in the house somewhere. Poor Banjo was the prince and he had to go every where they went. Oddly I think he enjoys it a little.

All in all today was good. I managed to get nothing done, but had a lot of laughs. I'm so glad Annie has these girls to grow up with, and that Banjo is their prince.


Maddy said...

I don't like this whole idea of sadie getting older.

Maddie said...
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Maddie said...

me neither

Maddy said...

as a matter of fact i dont think i like the idea of any of them getting older.

Bailey Mohr said...

I remember those days! Not the Yoga, but the sprinkler and the dress up. My sister and I would make my brother be the evil pirate who would kidnap us damsels in distress, and then we would overthrow him and escape. We didn't have a TV.

Greta said...

So glad my girls could be of entertainment. Blame Uncle Chad for the whole meditation thing!


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