Sunday, July 5, 2009

Carpet rolls and long legs

After a very long morning of just being tired and not feeling well. I made myself clean one room in my house. I choose the entry way. I think I thought that room would be the easiest because Annie hasn't dumped her toys in there. Well it was still yucky. I mopped the floors and was shocked to see that the water was black before I was even half way through. Yuck.
After that, while the floor was drying Annie and I watched the new show Make it or Brake it on our computer. Annie was very intrigued, her favorite part was when the girls did the balance beam. During one of the internet enforced commercial breaks, Annie snuck off and started practicing her own little gymnastic routine on the rolled up carpet in the entry way.    So here is miss Annie pointing her toes and walking the line. I so love this little girl.  

 * special note, during the show they say "focus" a lot.  Annie insists that the binky, "keep me focus mommy."


Reality said...

That is just adorable!!!! I love it.


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