Tuesday, June 14, 2011

When the good news brings bad news

So our fridge died, and yes a big part of me was SO EXCITED.  I wanted the darn thing to break for purely selfish reasons.  It's so freaking small, and feeding a family of four out of that tiny little box is near impossible when you cook the way I do.   Everything from bread dough to Kefir is communing a little to closely, which is probably why the box isn't working.  The milk is souring, the kefir is digesting and the bread dough is fermenting a little to fast for me to keep up with it.  So what does this mean for my precious family?  The things I planned on buying this month for our food will have to put on hold until the next shipment / butcher date which come around every 1-3 months depending on the company.  Unless I can bust my butt and pull in an extra $300 this month (which you can bet I'm gonna try and do).  You see, I have this master plan for my family that I have been painstakingly working on for MONTHS.  We're cutting out the middle man.  Saving money by buying directly from Bulk distributors and small local farms.  Say goodbye to Whole Paycheck, Trader Joes, Schnucks and Shop n' Save.  Everything from Dried goods and Beef to Milk and eggs will be purchased without the local grocery stores insane prices, and be of better quality.  
Unfortunately all my research might have to wait another couple of months to bear any fruit.  The money I was stashing away now belongs to Home Depot.  The sucky part is?  We don't even get the fridge for another two-three weeks.   And the massive amount of work that has to be done before it gets here, seriously cuts into my money making opportunities.   We have to move a floor vent, take down a partial wall, strip wallpaper, float a wall and paint all before the fridge can get put in.   Thus I'm officially going into hyper drive and most likely won't be posting anything for a while.  Unless I decide to cut out sleep.  Fear not, I will take pictures and post when I get the chance. Wish me luck!



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