Thursday, June 2, 2011

Looking like a mom

I have been slowly squirreling away money over the last few months to buy a new outfit for me and some shorts for Annie.  All Excited I took off early in the morning to go shopping.  It was not a pleasant shopping experience.  Elsie cried the whole time, trying on clothes was traumatic and nine times out of ten whatever I tried on didn't fit or looked terrible on me.   But somehow I managed to find one good outfit for me and a few shorts Annie.  I was so excited to wear my new clothes and show Texas.  An outfit that hadn't been spit up on or stained during any sort of home renovation project.  I wasn't squeezing myself into a pre-baby weight pair of pants or drowning in maternity clothes.  I felt so good.  Then, kid free I go meet Texas.  His response?  "You look like a nice mom today." ??? I wanted to cry.  I love Texas, but when it comes to complimenting me he falls terribly short.  He tried to fix it by saying I looked like a really nice soccer mom and I got confused do I cry or laugh?  I didn't want to look like a mom.  Thank goodness he's able to make me laugh no matter what the situation, or I'm not sure my incredibly hormonal self would have made it through the night.



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