Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Failure

So after an insane amount of cleaning, cooking, Halloween decorating and massive planning we made it through our Halloween weekend.   We had a huge Halloween party, trunk or treat with Annie's school, and then trick or treating Sunday night.  I sit down yesterday to blog on our amazingly exhausting weekend only to realize I failed to take any pictures.   So this is it.  The only two pictures I have of Annie's Halloween. 

Making last minute decorations for the Halloween party.

Annie and Ruby trick or treating (yes this is the only picture I took).

The worst failure of all... we forgot to carve the pumpkin.


Amy R said...

I love the painted houses! You should congratulate yourself for even having a party when you are pregnant AND raising a 3 year-old! Forget about the pumpkin. Now it will last longer as a Fall decoration.


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