Monday, November 8, 2010

Fixed car

I'm pretty sure my life has become so boring it isn't worth writing about.   Today my highlight was Texas putting new tires on the car, and I wasn't nearly as excited as he was.  He has made it his personal mission to fix my car.  Car parts arrive in the mail almost every other day and one by one the warning lights in the car go off.  Today marks the official first day of no warning lights on in the car since I bought it almost 4 years ago.  Texas is quite pleased with his work and I am quietly holding my breath.  This car has never had all the lights off, except for that brief moment when I first got the car.  It lasted about a month and then the gas cap door fell off, it was all down hill from there.   For Tex's sake I hope the lights stay off.  It might crush him, after the months of work he's put into it.



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