Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Why my car hates me

Many of you are aware that my car is evil and bent on causing me total financial ruin.   Well, it's getting very creative in how it does this.   Usually it just breaks down, lots of lights go off, and things start banging around under the hood.   I guess after numerous attempts at this just leading to very costly repair but not complete annihilation of my bank accounts and me, my car has come up with a new strategy.    It now gives out a loud siren call whenever I am not accelerating.   So yes, the car is trying to drive me crazy.   Never in my life have I heard a sound so ear piercingly disturbing.    At first you think it's just a little noise, but it builds, slowly making you want to tear your hair out and scream for mercy.   I hate driving.   I make no attempts at hiding the fact that driving is not my favorite thing to do, now though I just want to cry whenever I get in my car.   Slowly this car is going to be the end of me.   If this mysterious sound cannot be stopped soon I will start leaving it parked in bad neighborhood with the keys inside, engine running and pray for someone to take it away.   Far away.   Like Utah or Ohio.  Sadly, I don't think anyone would go near if they heard it's cry.  Deterring even the faintest hopes of salvation through carjacking.



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