Wednesday, June 9, 2010

In my basement

Aside from the rat and thousands of spiders, today we found a baby toad in my basement.   Annie wanted to go downstairs in the morning for a rat check with her giant pink snake.   They had been up all night perfecting their rat hunting strategy.   They went with an early morning frontal attack.  I was less than excited to hear that it required a 6am wake up call.    "Now mom, you have to wake us up very early.  Like before the sun mom.  ok?  so don't forgot or go to sleep.   This is important."   Well I slept in and thankfully she forgot.   When we finally made it downstairs we happened upon a baby toad when sifting through the spider webs.  He looks a little sickly and is on his way to Gigi's to go live in Annie's toad house.   So the count is now up to six baby toads.   We made need to add on a west wing soon, or the residents might get hostile.

Did I mention Annie named her toads?   They are loving named: Merryld, Harold, Carold, Ferrold, and Terrold.   When I asked her the new toads name she asked, "is there a Larrold yet?"    Welcome to the family Larrold, good luck.



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