Thursday, June 7, 2012


 The tomato plants have reached past the 9 foot mark and are still going.  We've gotten to eat a few here and there, but in about two weeks we should have enough to start the first round of canning.  I'm glad I jumped the gun on these this year, seeing as how I'm behind almost everywhere else.  Texas and I almost have the tree stump roots chopped out where we can get them, but it will take us a long time to remove the whole stump.

Banjo is tired of baby chicks.  They no longer seem to be very interesting, and honestly I'm tired of them too.  They take a lot of extra care, that I don't really have the time to give them.  Thankfully, Annie is charge of most there care.   Sunshine and Lemon drop, just better not be roosters. 



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