Saturday, June 23, 2012

Garden update

Elsie has discovered a love of the garden and I have suddenly found myself in need of Elsie proof garden fencing. She has an insatiable appetite for tomatoes, this morning alone I lost count after 23.   Aside from tomatoes she loves snacking on radish beans, lemon balm, and fennel. 

 Elsie helping in the Garlic patch.

 Overall we had a late start around the tree trunk due to the incredible amount of digging required to get at the roots, but it's all coming along fine now.

 I did a boarder of flowers around the outside of the stump where the soil was to shallow to handle vegetables. 

My rhubarb which is on it's first year is taking over.  I tried to pin it with fennel which has kept it from growing out to much, but once I pull the fennel it will open up. Perhaps I will leave the fennel.

This is obviously not plants, but I am so excited to have more than 6 diapers.  We now have 23!  and it has changed my life.   As part of my preparing for baby number 3 I'm stocking up on diapers. Bring on the dirty diapers new baby, I'll be ready.


Elizaveta Kramer said...

That’s a good way for Elsie to start with healthy eating! She looks very healthy and irresistibly adorable! Also, I love how you improvised with the tree trunk and turned it into a garden bed. The boarder also looks so beautiful.

*Elizaveta Kramer


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