Tuesday, April 3, 2012

quick before the kids realize I'm sitting down:


 Happy Birthday Greta, I love you. Sorry this is a little late.  
You're an awesome sister and I'm so proud of how hard your working.

The garden:
 Tomatoes are ready to be put outside.  This is earlier than I normally would plant them, but I need to make sure they are well established before we leave for vacation (8 days and counting!).
 So I Prep one of the Tomato frames (each will hold 12 plants).

 And they're in.  
The section full of weeds just to the right in the back is the other tomato frame.  
I'm not transplanting into the second frame till we get back.

The kids:
  Are enjoying the weather and spending loads of time outside. 
 Elsie wondered into the street which the girls were pretending was a lake.
(I was right there the whole time)

 So Annie paddled out on her boat to rescue Elsie.

And brought her to shore.



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