Wednesday, April 25, 2012


The garden exploded while we were gone.  Almost everything bolted which sucks, but nothing died.  Thank you to my awesome house sitter, Alex!  Your the best.
It's a little nerve wracking leaving your house for 11 days, when your always in the middle of growing or fermenting something.     She managed to keep all the plants, animals and fermenting cultures alive and well.  After we got back her comment to us was, "everything is so alive in your house." All the more reason to need a good house sitter. 

 Strawberries are over running their bed and blooming like crazy,
and the blueberries are covered in fruit.

 My spinach bolted like crazy.  It's snaking over into the cabbage.

 The baby chicks are not babies anymore,

but that doesn't stop my girls from loving on them.

Even I missed the girls.



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