Thursday, August 12, 2010


Well after having the chickens for a little over a year, Annie still loves to collect the eggs and say hi to her girls.   Unlike the toads at my mothers who frequently aren't feed due to shear forgetfulness on my part. 

Annie took this picture of her new bunny lamp.  I got it from a job and as soon as I brought it into the house she got super excited and insisted on taking it's picture.  Right next to my $9 coffee pot.
Last but not least, the ground cherries are starting to fall.  This is my first year growing them, and I'm really excited about them.   Inside each husk is a small ground cherry (like a tiny tomato).  They taste like pineapple, and no Monsanto did not splice any fruit genes to make that happen.   These are 100% organic and super yummy.

Other than that:
24 days till the wedding
I have a migraine 
Annie got a new barbie
and yes I still feel sick all the time


liz said...

i'd love to hear about your wedding plans! i'm in the trenches of planning as well. i can't wait to get hitched to jonathan, but the planning isn't as much fun as it's cracked up to be. but it's fun to hear with others are doing.

Maddie said...

Good luck Liz. We have some serious bumps in the planning and I hope yours goes smoother than mine did.


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