Friday, December 11, 2009


I foolishly plucked Annie from her Gigi's house without allowing her to give a proper goodbye to all inside. I thought a quick goodbye from the door would suffice. I was surely wrong. As we pull away from the curb Annie burst to tears (fake one's, I'm almost certain). "You didn't let me say goodbye." I'm not turning back, it takes me 5 minutes to get her buckled in the car, with all her things properly placed around her. She asks for my phone and dials Gigi's house.
"Gigi, I didn't get to say goodbye. Goodbye. Can I take to Papa? "
"Papa, I didn't get to say goodbye, goodbye. Can I talk to Sadie? "
"Sadie, I didn't get to say goodbye, goodbye."
She hung up the phone and I assumed we were good now and they were be no more issues. Before I realize what she's doing I here Annie say
"Aunt Greta? My mommy and me left Gigi's house. My mommy and me are going home. Can I say goodnight to Ruby and Ruby's daddy?"
(talking to Sam) "My mommy and me left Gigi's. My mommy and me are going home. Goodnight. Can I talk to Ruby?"
You get the pattern.
After she finishes with my sister she asks me for Aunt Debbie's number. Thankfully no answer. I fear had Debbie answered she would have just continued calling all through the night. Instead she hangs up and says "She not answer, I think everyone sleeping now."



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