Monday, December 13, 2010

The Cowboys!

On our first day in Texas, Tex insisted we go see the Cowboys stadium.   I'm thinking this is stupid, there's no game, we'll just end up walking around the outside and have to drive all the way back having wasted 3 hours of our day.   Not to mention what are Annie and I going to do while Jon's mesmerized by the stadium?    I spent over an hour trying to convince him to let us go to the outlet mall instead.   Well I've learned to keep my mouth shut.   Annie had the most fun of anyone.   We ended up being able to take a tour of the stadium.  Which included getting to see the cheerleaders locker room and run around on the field.   Annie got a set of official Cowboy cheerleaders pompoms which she didn't let go of for two days. 

Annie and Tex on the field.

Annie working on her cheers on the football field.

Bedtime for the cheerleader.



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